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The best nightlife spots in Copenhagen

Some know Copenhagen as the city of fairy tales, others associate Denmark's capital with a dainty place perfect for a bike ride with a basket full of fresh and delicious pastries. But don't be fooled - once the sun sets, Copenhagen transforms into a bustling and lively city.

From trendy discos to laid-back bars, Copenhagen's nightlife is as vibrant as it is diverse. There is no shortage of places to spend your night in Copenhagen. Allow us to show you Copenhagen's wild side!


There is no better way to experience Danish drinking culture than in an authentic bodega. A Danish bodega is usually a low-key and hazy place and is equivalent to a local pub. If you want to experience your evening in Copenhagen like the locals do, this is the place for you, because it doesn't get more authentic than this. Cheap beers, even cheaper liquors, dim lighting and a group of regulars make for the relaxed and charming ambience found in bodegas.

They usually also have board games, old jukeboxes or pool tables. They are the perfect place to have a good beer and spend the evening with friends or even make new buddies, as all the guests come with the same intention - simply to have a good time.

Bo-Bi Bar

The small, red lit and smoke filled bar is a traditional drinking den in Copenhagen. Supposedly the oldest dive bar in town, it offers authentic and cheap beers and is usually packed with locals. If you come alone, don’t worry, this place is super easy to fall into conversation with a stranger.

Rosengården Bodega

Fancy a beer and some history? Rosengården Bodega is rich in both history and a warm and friendly atmosphere. Behind the pub, a bullet stuck in the wall tells the story of how the Danish resistance movement killed a Nazi informer in 1944.

The Danish bartender will be happy to show you this piece of history if you follow his rule: "buy a shot, see a shot". Sip your Danish booze while enjoying the charm of this old bodega.

A truly unique place not to be missed on a night out (you'll also find locals enjoying their beer here during the day).

Wine bars

Drinking wine is a must in this city. Especially wine bars have become increasingly popular in Copenhagen. You can find “natural” wines all across the city, thanks to its environmentally friendly and organic mindset. So be sure to make a stop at one of the many great wine bars that Copenhagen has to offer. Is it already wine o'clock?


Right in the heart of the Vesterbro area, is this popular wine bar. It is the epitome of Danish “hygge” and has a homely vibe, with warm lighting and wooden furniture and raw brick walls. The name of the bar refers to their “ancestrale” methode of creating naturally sprakling wine. However, of course they offer any type of wine your heart desires.

Ubbe’s vinhandel

Ubbe's vinehandel is another must when it comes to good wine bars. Check out one of the city's cosiest and oldest wine bars, right on the waterfront opposite the famous Christiansborg Castle. Not only does it offer an extensive wine list, but also outdoor seating with a beautiful view of the canal.


This charming wine bar is located in the lively Nørrebro district. If you're on a budget but still want to enjoy some natural wine, this is the place for you. For only 50 kroner a glass, this bistro-styled bar, named after the French word "tipsy", is a real gem for wine lovers. With its Parisian flair, it is the perfect place to start your night out in Copenhagen. 

Night clubs

Copenhagen has a truly extensive nightlife with a great selection of clubs. If you want to dance the night away, the city is guaranteed to give you a night to remember. Don't expect to get much sleep when you experience Copenhagen's vibrant nightlife scene.

Jolene bar 

Located in Copenhagen’s up and coming Meatpacking district, which is well known for its great party scene, is this famous night club. Jolene Bar is known for its cheap beers and eclectic atmosphere. Housed in an old butcher's shop, it's definitely not the typical trendy cocktail bar you find on Instagram, but the incredible ambiance and crowd definitely make for an unforgettable night. Folks here are ready to dance and have a blast.

Likewise, the club is known for being inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly. The club prides itself on stepping out of the box and creating a safe space for every party-goer. 

Culture box

If there is one club you must visit, this is it. This is the club that you will read about and that partygoers will recommend to you. It is known for hosting the biggest and most notorious parties in the Copenhagen. The club is divided into three dance areas, each offering different events and music to suit the mood and taste of the crowd.

The club, which features some of the best Danish and international DJs, is undoubtedly Copenhagen's best techno venue.


This party venue actually has two clubs in the same place including 12 different bars. Also known for its great DJ line ups and its superb interior it definitely guarantees and incredible night out in Copenhagen. So be prepared to dance until your feet hurt in this amazing club!

Beer bars

Even though wine has been on the uprise in this city, Copenhagen and beer just go hand in hand. Home to international beer giants like Carlsberg and its infamous Pilsner, the craft beer scene in Copenhagen is unmatched. Denmark’s capital is definitely a paradise for any beer enthusiast. Here are some of the best beer bars you can find:


This brewpub is not only for beer-lovers! Located in the hip Nørrebro neighbourhood, the bar features also a restaurant and shop. Take a seat at a bar with a signature brew beer or enjoy the Michelin worthy food at the restaurant. Brus is a place for anyone who wants to hang out with friends and enjoy a night out!


With a magnificent view over Copenhagen harbour, the city centre, Amalienborg and the Little Mermaid, this beer bar is a must when exploring the city's nightlife. Being a branch of the famous Mikkeller brand, it offers a diverse range of ales, experimental beers and saisons. This brewpub is the perfect place for an evening out or even a cold beer in the afternoon. Sit outside in the sun and enjoy the view while sipping your delicious brew!

Copenhagen Beerwalk

For our beer-loving readers, be sure to check this out: If you want to try several beer bars in the city, we recommend the Copenhagen Beerwalk. This pub crawl offers you five free beers at different brewpubs in the city. Experience Copenhagen's beer culture to the fullest with this self-guided bar tour and try the best beers in the city at your own pace.