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Things to do in Copenhagen with kids

Whether you are going on a road trip to Legoland and have decided to add a few days in Copenhagen to your trip or if the city itself is your destination, be sure to bring your children as this one of the most child friendly cities in the world. Here you can discover what inspired Hans Christian Andersen to write his many world-famous fairy tales. Visit the statue of the Little Mermaid which has become the city's most iconic symbol, forever linking the city to fairy tales and children.

Copenhagen is designed to match the needs of kids and their parents. There are reserved places for prams and pushchairs on buses, children's menus at most restaurants and often discounted tickets for the younger members of the family.

The Blue Planet AquariumBoy watches stingray at Aquarium

Located between the airport and the city center, you'll find the Northern Europe's largest aquarium at the waterfront. Den Blå Planet, Denmark's National Aquarium, is home to thousands of animals, from sea otters to hammerhead sharks, stingrays, giant Pacific octopus and arapaima. The aquarium offers a unique experience, combining entertainment, fascination and knowledge in a spectacular setting. Here you and the kids can get lost in the wonders of the sea.

The Children's Museum

Often, too often, young children and museums are not a great combination. But at the Children's Museum, which is part of the National Museum of Denmark, there are no 'do not touch' signs, here kids can be kids and explore everything they see.

The Children's museum is an indoor playground where the whole family can have fun exploring history. Step on board of a Viking ship, take a seat in a 1930s classroom to find out what your great-grandparents learned in school, learn to cook in a medieval kitchen or prepare the castle for an enemy attack.

Tivoli Gardens

Fatamorgana ride at Tivoli Gardens

In the city centre, Tivoli Gardens is a must for all visitors of the city. Not only are the gardens in the park beautiful and lush, perfect for a quiet stroll, they also contain an amusement park with plenty of rides, both old and new and for both young and old.

There is the Wooden Rollercoaster from 1914, which is one of only seven in the world with a brakeman on board every train. Or one of the park's latest additions, The Demon, a virtual reality experience, where passengers are transported to an Asian universe with fire-spitting dragons and exploding fireworks. And Fatamorgana, a 45 meter tall tower which combines three rides into one, so there is something for every member of the family.


Just north of the city there is a true celebration of curiosity, dedicated to playful science which offers hours of fun for the entire family. The Experimentarium is the place to be for a hands-on and interactive science experience.

Spread out over three floors there are 18 interactive exhibitions. From the Bubblearium, where kids can make a soap bubble big enough to fit around their parents, to the Interactive Film Theatre, where kids take on one of the main roles in the film themselves and influence how the story unfolds. Even the youngest will discover the pleasures of science here, at the Miniverset children aged 1-5 will show you that children are natural born scientists.


Copenhagen has 125 public playgrounds spread across the city. Not only are there many playgrounds, they also come in many different varieties. From the Children's Traffic Playground where kids can safely learn about road safety and traffic rules, to Konditaget Lüders, where children can play on a jungle gym on top of multi-storey car park while enjoying a beautiful view of the Sound and harbour.

And from the beautifully landscaped King's Garden Playground in the heart of the city, to the Nature Playground on the outskirts of the city, where kids will find outdoor challenges and playful experiences to get their heart rate up. There is a playground in Copenhagen to fit everyone's needs.