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Your to do list for Copenhagen in autumn

During the autumn months, Copenhagen is a little less crowded and it is peak season for hygge, which makes it the perfect time to visit. The popularity of hygge exploded around the world a few years ago but what does it really mean? Some would translate the term to cosiness but it is so much more than that.

It’s an atmosphere, a feeling, a sense. Think of a moment when you were warm and happy and sharing that moment with your favourite people. Or the warm glow of a candle or a fire place. So what if you are on holiday, how do you reach a state of hygge when you are away from home? Let us inspire you with five amazing things to do in Copenhagen in autumn.

Tivoli gardens

Though Tivoli is always a good place to go when you are in Copenhagen, it’s even better in autumn. Tivoli Gardens is home to a lot of great eateries, at the heart of the theme park you’ll find Gemyse, an organic vegetable restaurant. In front of the restaurant there is a greenhouse and a kitchen garden where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a pastry or some soup, while you enjoy the view around you. And in October the Tivoli Gardens pull out all the stops for Halloween with special events for the little ones and the bigger ones who are still kids at heart, as well as some spooky snacks.

National Gallery of DenmarkNational Gallery or SMK in Copenhagen

Locally known as the Statens Museum for Kunst or SMK, the National Gallery can be found in the Østre Anlæg Park. It is Denmark’s largest art museum with Danish and international art collections spanning the past seven centuries. The SMK is known for its collection of Danish Golden Age art and houses one of the world’s best Matisse collections. The entire collection spans from grand masters of art history to cutting-edge contemporary artists and rising stars of the art scene, and is sure to inspire you.

Mystery Makers

If you are looking for something a little more adventurous, the Mystery Makers have something for you, rain or shine. Either try an escape room or go on a treasure hunt through the city or one of its beautiful sights. The Mystery Makers try to pique your curiosity and challenge your intelligence. Their mysteries place players at the centre, making you the hero.

Botanical GardenBotanical Gardens Glasshouses in Copenhagen

The Botanical Garden puts on a stunning autumnal display of colours with golden leaves and low lighting. Perfect for a sunny fall day. The garden has more than 13.000 species and is arranged in different sections, such as Danish plants, perennial plants, annual plants, rock gardens with plants from mountainous locations such as Central and Southern Europe, and Conifer Hill which has coniferous trees as far as you can see. If you need to shelter from a spot of rain, head into the extensive complex of historical glasshouses, dating back to 1874.

Zoological Museum

Like the Botanical Gardens, the Zoological Museum is part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark. There you can travel through time and experience Danish animal life from the past to the present. The Precious Things exhibition includes Misty who was a 17 meter long Diplodocus longus, a herbivorous giant who lived 150 million years ago. Alongside Misty the museum is host to creatures from across the millennia, some who lived on land others below the surface of the water.