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Celebrating easter in Stockholm

Celebrate a Swedish easter in Stockholm

At last, spring has arrived which means Eastern or in Swedish “påsk” is right around the corner. Flying witches, egg hunts, Swedish delicacies and a series of fun activities await you during your Easter holiday in Stockholm.

Although Sweden is a secular country, the holiday is still celebrated, more because it represents the beginning of spring and less for religious reasons. Locals will typically spend their holidays and the extra day off from work with family and friends while enjoying the blooming city.

Swedish traditions

Sweden does have quite some different customs than what you might be used to. One peculiar Easter tradition in Sweden are that instead of getting a visit from the easter bunny, witches roam the Swedish streets during Easter weekend. Legends of flying witches have kids dressing up as cute, not scary like on Halloween, witches. Swedish folklore has it, that a witch used to fly to frolic with the devil on the fabled island of Blåkulla. So expect to find many children dressed as witches, or “Påskkärringar”, and go “trick or treating” to collect coins or candy for their easter eggs.

It is very visible when Easter has arrived in Sweden, apart from the witches, colourful bright feathers decorate the twigs and trees throughout the city. Since the Swedes are very big on sweets, you’ll find Easter candy almost anywhere, from fizzy strawberry laces, to jelly eggs and lemon toffee to traditional chocolate eggs. Easter in Sweden is really a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth.

What to do – Easter activities

If you want to have the ultimate Swedish easter experience and to really get to know the country’s holiday traditions, a visit to Skansen is a must on your itinerary. The world’s oldest open-air museum is not only the home to Swedish traditions and culture, but hosts also a big Easter market. Among many handcrafted products, Swedish food and easter candy, kids are able to make their own easter decorations and get their face painted. On Maundy Thursday (the Thursday before Easter) kids get free entry if they are dressed as a witch.

Skansen is not the only attraction in Stockholm that will be open and that will make your Easter holiday in Sweden a special one.

At the Royal Palace you can also partake in a fun easter egg hunt from the 13th of April until the 22nd of April. With golden eggs hidden around the palace and more Easter themed activities, kids and adults can enjoy a beautiful Spring day in Stockholm.

One of the best ways to explore the city, especially in spring is from the water. As the sunshine breaks more and more through, the city comes to life again with new-found energy. So lean back and enjoy Stockholm with a boat tour, such as the Royal Canal Tour.

Spend a magical day with your kids at Junibacken, where Scandinavia’s beloved children’s books come to life through several interactive exhibitions. During Easter, Junibacken will open its gardens for the season and kids that arrive there dressed up will get an Easter egg.

Swedish easter delicacies

Your Easter holiday in Stockholm is not complete without having tasted some typically Swedish food. The easter table here is often laid like a traditional Smörgåsbord, packed with yummy dishes, such as a classic egg salad with anchovies called Gubbröra, which can also be made vegan.

Another Swedish favourite is pickled herring, which comes in a variety of dishes enhanced with spices, cloves and onions or mustard, and of course salmon, which can also be served in many forms.

Janssons frestelse is another Easter classic in Sweden, which is a gratin-like dish based on potatoes layered with onion and anchovies. The traditional quiche laden dish with Västerbotten cheese, or Västerbottenpaj, should also be on the menu for your holiday to Stockholm. Oh, and don't forget dessert, because Swedes love all things sweet, especially at Easter.

Rest assured that a traditional Swedish Easter lunch is a great feast and a real gem for any foodie. So don't miss this opportunity to experience Sweden in a variety of delicious dishes.