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Experience the winter in Stockholm

Winter just might be the best time to visit Stockholm. The city becomes one of the coziest cities with plenty of spaces to warm up and revel in the holiday spirit. Let us help you with a list of must-do’s during the Stockholm winter days:


When the city is covered in snow there is no better thing to do then to find a high vantage point to enjoy this magical view. Monteliusvägen is a walking path near the center of Stockholm which offers the most amazing panoramic outlook. With the frozen over waters of Lake Mälaren on one side and the city on the other, you’ll be sorry if you didn’t bring your camera.

Ice skating

Stockholm is the best place for the ultimate winter activity: ice skating. With multiple ice skate rinks in the city, you won’t have to look far. The most popular skate rink is the one in Kungsträdgården. Entering the rink is free and you can rent skates if you didn’t bring your own. Gliding across the ice surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights is fun for the entire family.

Christmas market

When you walk around the Swedish capital you can find multiple Christmas markets to quench your thirst for all things seasonal. One of the best you can find is in Stockholm’s old town, Gamla Stan. Surrounded by the famous colourful houses you can find everything from candies and decorations to crafts and food. There is also a Christmas market at the Royal Stables. Here, you'll encounter not only the traditional market stalls but also the magnificent horses and opulent carriages of the king. Additionally, children have the fun opportunity to ride on a charming pony.

Take a stroll

During winter it gets dark early in Stockholm. You’ll get about 6 hours of light per day. But this doesn’t mean that you have to stay inside. All the lights in the city will give you the feeling of walking through a real-life Christmas card. Ponder across the snow-covered streets or go to one of the parks in Stockholm. There is always something to do.


The best thing to do after walking around all day is going to a nice café for some Fika. Fika is a traditional Swedish treat consisting of coffee with a treat. The perfect way to warm up and catch your breath before your next adventure. There are many lovely coffee places around the city, so you’ll always find a place you’ll like. For an extra special experience take the Winter Waterways tour, where you'll cruise along the city's water while enjoying both the views and some fika.


Skansen is the oldest open-air museum in the worlds. It offers spectacular views over the city and you’ll learn a lot about Sweden and Swedish history. In the park, you’ll find traditional Scandinavian homes, old crafts, and even animals. The best part about visiting during the winter is the beautiful Christmas market. It doesn’t get more magical than that.

Go skiing in Hammarbybacken

One of the lesser known things about Stockholm is that it has its own ski slope. It’s called Hammarbybacken. It might not be very big, but it is surely a lot of fun. There is also a restaurant and a BBQ area so after all the skiing you can warm up and eat.

So what are you waiting for? Go book your trip to Stockholm now and delight in a true Scandinavian winter!