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The most Instgrammable spots in Stockholm

Gamla stan

Looking for the picture-perfect background for your photos? Search no more! Stockholm enchants visitors with its mix of modern and fairy tale-like architecture, historical cobblestone streets, luxurious palaces and street art as far as the eye can reach as well as pristine and lush nature. Read here more about our favourite Stockholm Instagram spots in the Swedish capital for taking the best and most memorable pictures during your trip.

Stortorget in Gamla stan

Make your way through picturesque cobblestone streets all the way to the Gamla stan’s main square in central Stockholm – Stortorget, one of the most Instagrammable spots in Stockholm. Not only is Stortorget the Old Town’s main square but also the oldest square in the capital, dating all the way back to 1420. The colourful facades are not only one of the most photographed spots in the city but also make for a beautiful, postcard-like backdrop.

Also the Old Town itself is perfect for pictures. Here, you can stroll around and discover the city’s history and its origins. Photograph-worthy attractions around here include the Royal Palace, the Storkyrkan as well as the German Church. The area is also perfect for discovering picturesque cafes and galleries next to the vibrant, historical houses and narrow alleys.

Skeppsholmen Bridge

The Skeppsholmen Bridge connects the island of Skeppsholmen with Blasieholmen. Here, you can take plenty of selfies with the golden crown in the centre of the bridge that directly points you to the Royal Palace over the water. Not only is the view from here amazing, from where you can see the colourful buildings of Gamla stan along with the waterfront and plenty of boats but the atmosphere is also very relaxing. And the view gets even more spectacular during sunsets!

Artistic Subway Stations

Subway station in StockholmStockholm’s subway stations are home to the world's longest art gallery and hence some of the most Instagrammable places in Stockholm! The system spans over 110 kilometres with around 100 subway stations that take you on a journey back to the 1950s with colourful designs, unique installations, murals and statues. This way, you cannot only travel through Stockholm with ease but also take some unique pictures on the way!

The brightly rainbow-coloured Stadion stop on the red line is one of the most photographed stations with endless possibilities and angles to take pictures from. Mörby Centrum is a great Instagrammable spot as well. The blue and white tilework on the walls of the station create an optical illusion, representing the act of travelling in itself.  

Solna Centrum on the other side is covered in a luscious green and red landscape. The colours symbolize the forest and the evening sun going down behind the tree’s crowns, addressing political topics such as deforestation, environmental issues and the decreasing population of rural areas.

Water lilies at the Botanical Garden

Bergianska trädgården

The ‘Bergius Botanic Garden’ is Stockholm’s botanical garden, located nearby the Brunnsviken lake on Djurgården. Enjoy a walk around the luscious and sprawling gardens and discover the plant diversity over 8 hectares that the Botanical Garden’s goal is it to preserve.

The blooming flower beds, the herb garden as well as plantation of fruits are especially beautiful in spring and summer. At the conservatory, you can discover plants from the Mediterraenean climate and the tropics as well as tropical and aquatic plants at the Victoria House. Make sure not to miss out on the giant water lilies, one of the highlights in the Victoriahuset!

Snösätra Graffiti Wall of Fame

Another modern open-air spot for the best pictures is this Graffiti wall located on the Snösätragränd street. Dozens of walls covered with different graffiti in one of the largest street art exhibitions in all of Europe make it a highlight of the Instagrammable Stockholm and guarantees that you won’t run out of motives. The graffiti were done by several street artists from all around the world.

Almost forgotten until 2014, graffiti artists thrived here due to the remote location of the abandoned industrial neighbourhood and covered the street in murals and paintings, ranging from artistic masterpieces to historical pieces and political messages. The eye-catching portraits of animals, people and objects cover every inch of the walls in the street. But that’s not all: during the annual street art festival, graffiti artists from all over the world add new pieces to the area.


Visit the highest natural point of Stockholm to catch a breath-taking view over the city. Skinnarviksberget lies 53 meters above sea level and is a popular spot for picnics and parties under the open sky. When you climb the Skinnarviksberget up all the way to the top, you can see the Old Town, Kungsholmen as well as some points of interests like Stockholm City Hall, the Stockholm Palace and the House of Nobility.



The Brunkebergs Tunnel 231 meter long tunnel was completed in 1886 and is today used as a shortcut for pedestrians and cyclists to reach from the Tunnelgatan in the city centre to the David Bagares gata. The tunnel delights visitors with its unique, almost futuristic architecture and an eerie sound, making it one of the top spots for taking great Instagram pictures.