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Top 5 romantic activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Stockholm

Stockholm is the perfect destination to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with its romantic Old Town, remote archipelago and an experimental food scene. No matter whether you are travelling to the Swedish capital or you’re a local, the city has a lot to offer on the most romantic day of the year. Discover Stockholm's most romantic things to do!

Cinnamon buns

Sweet fika

Sweet fika on Valentine's Day offers a delightful way to celebrate love amidst Swedish tradition. Fika, an integral part of Swedish culture, is a cherished moment of relaxation and connection over coffee and treats. It's a cozy and romantic activity that allows you to slow down, enjoy each other's company, and indulge in the simple pleasures of life.

So, on February 14th, make your fika extra special by treating your partner and yourself to some local and fancy confectionery. Whether it's savoring a giant cinnamon bun at Café Saturnus, surprising your loved one with handmade craft chocolates from Chokladfabriken, or indulging in the pink seasonal specials at the American-Swedish bakery Mr Cake, sweet fika is sure to make your Valentine's Day a treat.

Unique cocktail nights

The MELT Bar is Stockholm’s 1920s-style speakeasy and cabaret right in the city’s heart in the Östermalm district. This fascinating bar combines luxurious cocktails with world class entertainment such as singers, acrobats and dancers, promising a one-of-a-kind experience for Valentine’s Day! The bar hosts a pop up cabaret show every night, making every evening here unique.

Another great option to enjoy cocktails is the Pharmarium in the Gamla stan. The bar is inspired by Sweden’s first pharmacy with a vast selection of mysterious ingredients – which you’ll find in the cocktails here instead. For example, some of the drinks include unique ingredients such as Lactic Acid, pickled berries or Sichuan pepper.

View over StockholmWatch the sunset

Whether you prefer to enjoy the sunset along with a panoramic view of the city or undisturbed in nature, there are many great spots for watching the sun go down in and around Stockholm.

Monteliusvägen is a popular spot for photo sessions due to the magnificent view over the city you have from here, making it a popular spot among tourists and locals alike. The Skinnarviksberget right next to Monteliusvägen is the highest natural point in the Swedish capital. From here you have a fantastic view over the city, making it a great location to watch the sunset all year round. Plus, it is a lot less busy than its neighbor.

Another great way to watch the sunset in a more urban setting are rooftop bars. The rooftop bar Capital is located on top of the Scandic Continental Hotel. Located on the 8th floor, you have a beautiful view over Stockholm as the hotel lies directly opposite the Central Station.

Escape the city

While it is a lot of fun to spend time in the Swedish capital, a getaway just outside of the city is perfect to focus on your time together around Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re opting for just one day or a weekend, there are many picturesque towns located just outside of Stockholm and are usually even doable without a car.

A bit up North you can find , a small town with historical significance. It is often labeled ‘Sweden’s oldest town’ as archaeological digs have uncovered many old remnants and coins in this area from the 980s. Here you can learn all about Swedish history, visit the ancient ruins around Sigtuna or explore Venngarn Castle.

South of Stockholm lies Trosa, neatly located at the Baltic Sea. The small town delights with a romantic scenery – a picturesque Old Town with narrow streets, small canals with boats and a few coffee shops, making it the perfect backdrop for a romantic day out.

Escape February blues with a spa day

Weather in February can be moody in Stockholm but visiting a spa on Valentine’s Day is the ideal opportunity to beat the blues. The Yasugari spa unites ancient traditions from Japanese bathing culture, providing a space of reflection and tranquility. In a peaceful environment you can sink into a hot spring, do a zen meditation or relax during a massage.

Another equally great and unique location is the Centralbadet, an Art Nouveau spa dating back to 1904 that offers a variety of treatments. Try out a 1000 year old Nordic sauna tradition, enjoy spa treatments with natural herbs and relax during a Swedish massage, making it the ideal getaway in Stockholm on Valentine's Day.