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Viking by night


The journey begins at Skeppsbron (at Gustav III statue) where you will be welcomed by a real Viking who will take you on an hour boat ride. But do not worry, you will avoid assaults and plunder. You will instead see Stockholm from its beautiful side. Meanwhile, your Viking gives a brief introduction of the Viking Age and tells you who the Vikings really were.

After an hour boat trip and pleasantries together, you arrive at the Vikings' home at Djurgården, The Viking Museum. Here you get a typical Viking welcome with the museum's specially brewed non-alcoholic mead and Viking snacks. Your Viking guide will then take you on a guided tour of the Viking Age and about Jól, the Viking Age's equivalent of today's Christmas celebration.

You end the visit by going on a dramatic Viking trip - Ragnfrid's saga. In this trip, you will follow Harald and his friends through the Viking-era Europe, in search of silver and glory, while the family struggles with poverty and starvation at home.

Are you excited to participate in this Viking experience? Please contact for more information and bookings.


Please note:

  • Time required:
    About 2 hours (of which 1 hour on the boat)
  • Start:
    17:30 hr.
  • Arrives at the Museum:
    18:30 hr.
  • Price:
    SEK 615 / person ex VAT, minimum charge 25 ppl.

Bookable between November 1 and December 22.
For between 25 and 90 people.
Booking 7 days prior. Confirm number 3 days before.

Please contact for more information and bookings.