Valutakonverteraren är endast avsedd som hjälpmedel, den bör inte ses som exakt eller i linje med valutaändringar i realtid, faktiska valutakurser kan variera. Inga rättigheter kan härledas från valutakonverteraren eller dess resultat, valutakurser kan ändras utan förvarning.


Online or in our shop.

It is possible to rent a bus or boat. Please contact our sales team at info@redbuses.com for more details.

Yes, you are able to get on the bus or boat at any of our stops, simply choose the one that is most convenient for you.

The duration of the tour varies between the cities. Please visit the product page of the tour for details.

All tickets purchased online are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

On board

We have toilets on all of our sightseeing boats in Stockholm. In Copenhagen, there are no toilets on the boats. There are no toilets in any of the buses.

Smaller and medium-sized dogs are normally welcome on both buses and boats.
If we have allergic people on board passengers with dogs may be asked to be seated in a specific area of the bus/boat or asked to join another tour.

It varies between the different cities and cash payments are not accepted in for example Stockholm where only payment by credit card is possible on board buses and boats.

We offer an electronic audioguide system with commentaries in many different languages. For details about what languages each tour is offered in, please see the respective product page.

In most cities, our buses are wheelchair accessible and equipped with a ramp. Boats are not wheelchair accessible but it is possible to bring a foldable wheelchair providing the person can board the boat assisted.

Yes, you can bring your luggage on the bus and boat within reasonable limits.

Cruise Terminal

Yes, we always meet the cruise ship upon arrival in the morning and all buses operate the port as part of the regular route all day as long as a cruise ship is docked.

Yes, we will start our operation upon the arrival of the cruise ship (not earlier than 8 am)


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