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Berlin Icebar is back!

The team behind the Berlin Icebar decided to make good use of the corona-forced closure. They turned the closure into an opportunity to completely renovate the bar. Now it has gone from a cool place for a drink to an Arctic experience.

warm tavern barGerman Polar Expeditions

Who knew the Germans went on Polar Expeditions? They did though! The first was in 1868 and the second was in 1869. It’s this second one that holds an adventurous tale which has become the theme for the fully refurbished Berlin Icebar: Polar Expedition.

Now when you enter the bar, you are given your own Seaman’s Book, which registers you as a crew member of exploration ship the Hansa and helps you keep track of the complimentary drinks you get with your ticket. Inside you are transported from the heart of Berlin to Bremerhaven. After you’ve gotten to know your fellow crewmembers in the tavern, the captain will call you to the deck of the ship. Wave goodbye to the people on the docks as you put on a warm down jacket and gloves to prepare for the frozen world before the east coast of Greenland.


Stuck on an ice floe

Inside the actual ice bar you can enjoy two more complimentary drinks as well as the adventure of the original Hansa crew. Their ship got stuck in an ice floe which slowly crushed it till it sank. The captain ordered his crew to bring all provisions onto the ice, where they survived the entire winter while under threat from hyperthermia and polar bears.

Do you have what it takes to brave the Arctic cold like the original crew of the Hansa? Go to the Berlin Icebar and enjoy three complimentary drinks!