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Festivals not to miss this Winter in Berlin

Berlin is the undisputed festival stronghold in the country, presenting some of the best festivals 2022 in Germany. While Spring and Summer are usually the high season for festivals, you can also experience various festivals in the Winter months in the Germany capital to brighten up the dark and gloomy days.

Marvel at light art, delight in new music and short movies or trace Monet’s footsteps - Berlin's festival in 2022 cater to all tastes! Keep on reading to learn more about our favourite picks.

Lichtkunstfestival im Pavillon am Milchhof

In case you missed the Berlin Festival of Lights earlier in Winter, you get another shot to marvel at installations, projections, performances as well as sculptures made from light at the Lichtkunstfestival im Pavillon am Milchhof, hosted by the art room Artspring.

In December to February the festival presents various artistic works in the three consecutive exhibitions Lumen, Lux and Candela, representing the visibleness of the element as well as the relationship between light and room.

DJ at a clubCTM Festival

The CTM – Festival for Adventurous Music and Art is a one-of-a-kind happening in the German capital focusing on contemporary, experimental and electronic music in unique locations throughout Berlin’s nightlife and cultural scene in collaboration with Transmediale.

This year’s motto is ‘Contact’ and tightly connected with the effects the Corona pandemic has on society. Enjoy curated concerts, performances and sound installations in some of Berlin’s best clubs as well as an online program.

British Shorts Film Festival

The British Shorts is a staple in Berlin’s festival calendar since 15 years. Spread across five cinemas the 15th anniversary edition of the festival presents the best of the best short films from the United Kingdom. Not only will be an audience and a jury prize be awarded but you’ll also be able to attend panel discussions with filmmakers, an exhibition and concerts.

Every genre has its place in the program of the International film festival – from comedy to documentaries, drama to animations and from science fiction to music videos and horror. In 2022, the movies among others include ‘Night of the Living Dread” by Ida Melum, Ella Jones’ “Miss Fortunate”, “Bridging the Gap” from Nina Ross and many more.

Ultraschall Berlin: Festival für neue MusikClassical Musicians

Five days full of contemporary music promises Ultraschall Berlin. The festival has been part of Berlin’s annual festival calendar since 20 years and is one of the best Winter festivals in Europe. It depicts contemporary music and new developments as contemporary art and culture, questioning them and placing them in new contexts.

Two portrait concerts illuminate the work of the respective composers in very different ways. Premieres by Mirela Ivičević or Sara Glojnarić stand alongside established "classics" such as Luca Francesconi or Kaija Saariaho.

Monets Garten

Art meets technology; Monet’s Garden is an immersive exhibition experience that takes you on a journey through the artist’s story and works. Starting from January 12th, this 360 degree multimedia experience uses a unique concept to bring Claude Monet’s works to life.

Experience for yourself how illusions can transform your reality through elaborate installations and projections. Combined with music, the colours bring the paintings to life. Step into Monet’s garden and become part of his artistry yourself! 

Tanztage BerlinTheatre dance

This year, the Tanztage Berlin is split up into both online and in person events. It explores what holds our society together and what tears it apart through performances with young dance talents, film screenings, panel discussion and even podcasts, making it one of the best dance festivals 2022 in Berlin.

Be it power, protest or empowerment, the dances explore the chronic threats of our time. “Debris in a Skin-tight Corset”, for example, tells a unique story about a ballerina being shackled to perfection, while “Infinity Rug” explores what happens to our bodies when we can’t touch each other, can’t dance with each other.

Transmediale Festival

The Transmediale itself is a dynamic community platform that discusses the impact of digital cultures, cultural divides as well as politics and economy on our society. The Transmediale Festival takes place from January 28th to 29th and is one of the highlights in Berlin's festival Winter.

As the name suggests, this festival brings together art and technology along with science and activism, providing new perspectives and critical reflections at the technological era.

The program is enriched through exhibitions, screenings, workshops and performances. This year the festival explores the political agency of refusal and how they translate into political responsibilities.