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The best indoor activities in Berlin

As the weather turns colder and wetter, no one can blame you for looking for some indoor activities and leaving the autumn and winter cold behind. Luckily Berlin has lots of great indoor activities to choose from, no matter what your interest, Berlin has something for you. Here are some of our favourites.

LEGOLAND BerlinLEGOLAND Discovery Centre Berlin

What is better than playing with LEGO at home, visiting the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre of course. Here, adults can embrace their inner child and explore the world of LEGO alongside their children. Along with over 5 million LEGO bricks with which you can build your dreams into a reality, the Discovery Centre also has multiple indoor activities, making it easy to spend hours here.

You can become Merlin’s Apprentice and ride a magical carousel where you’ll fly ever higher the harder you pedal. Enter the enchanted castle and climb on your friendly dragon for a ride through a dark labyrinth. And for those hoping to become a true ninja, there is the brand new LEGO NINJAGO City Adventure with 3 stories of awesome play opportunities.


An underwater adventure without getting wet, sounds perfect to us! At the SEA LIFE, you can see over 5000 creatures who live under the sea and travel with them all the way from the Spree to the Atlantic Ocean. The aquarium has 37 lifelike freshwater and saltwater pools, which are designed to mimic the natural habitats of the creatures you see there.

See how tropical reefs are formed and how they support the lives of clownfish like Nemo and palette surgeonfish like Dory. If you dare to put your hands in the touch pool, you can feel the tickle of cleaner shrimps on your skin. In the depths of the Atlantic, you will be surrounded by eagle rays, stingrays, wreckfish and dogfish.

Madame Tussauds Berlin with ETMadame Tussauds Berlin

This is the place to go in Berlin to meet the greatest stars in the world. Madame Tussauds is where you can step up to your favourite celebrity and strike a pose for the perfect selfie, and they don’t even mind (or notice). From musicians like ABBA and internationally acclaimed DJ Felix Jaehn, to actors such as Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman, they all await you at Madame Tussauds.

And it’s not only about selfies, you can interact with the sets too. Join the team of TATORT, one of Germany’s most popular detective show, to solve a murder case. Get ready for the catwalk with Heide Klum and check your make-up while sitting right next to Kendall Jenner. Are you ready to visit the biggest stars in Berlin?

Little Big City Berlin

Want to explore Berlin in miniature and see how the city transformed over the past 750 years? Then a visit to Little Big City should be on your to-do list. Here 100 buildings have been reconstructed in miniature which tell the story of Berlin from the middle ages to the present day.

With the help of 30 projectors, you can witness the pioneering innovations of the Industrial Revolution, the decadence of the Golden Twenties of the Weimar Republic, the burning of the Reichstag and the building of the Berlin Wall. 15 holograms tell the personal stories of people who lived during these periods Berlin’s history.

Berlin IcebarBerlin Icebar Polar Expedition

Just because it is cold and wet outside doesn’t mean you have to avoid the cold completely. Maybe you’ll want to find a more extreme cold, if so then the Berlin Icebar could be exactly what you are looking for. Once you step across the threshold, you’ll be transported to a tavern in Bremerhaven where you can meet your fellow crew members and share a drink before the captain calls you to board the Hansa.

When you are armed against the cold with a warm jacket and gloves, you’ll enter the actual icebar. As the ship gets stuck in the ice it is time to abandon ship and step into the icy world of the Arctic. Enjoy two drinks here, this time from glasses made of ice, while you try to stay warm. In total your ticket includes three drinks!

Körperwelten – BODY WORLDS Berlin

This exposition was the first permanent exhibition of its kind and can be found at the foot of the Berliner Fernsehturms. KÖRPERWELTEN Berlin invites you to a touching and inspiring encounter with life and to examine what defines us. The BODY WORLDS museum gives insights into the highly complex structures of the human body and shows what connects us, keeps us upright and in motion, and what makes us laugh and love.

Here you’ll find your eyes opened to different aspects of life that influence us all, such as happiness and misfortune, excess and moderation, pressure and release, and chance and destiny. Since 2017, KÖRPERWELTEN has also displayed plastinated animals. Visitors can examine the inner workings of an antelope, a yak, a dog and even a lion who was born in the Berlin Zoo, Icke.

Berlin DungeonBerlin Dungeon

To explore Berlin’s murky past visit the Berlin Dungeon, you’re sure to have an exciting and humour filled experience. This is the city’s scariest and thrillingly fun attraction. With full on 360° sets, 10 interactive shows, two underground rides, state of the art theming and special effects, you can lose yourself in fear or mirth.

The Berlin Dungeon brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and rides. The professional actors will take you on a fascinating tour through 800 years of Berlin’s history, which you will experience with all of your senses. You can see, hear, smell, touch and feel this incredible attraction in Berlin.

Museums galore

Berlin is home to almost 200 museums, covering everything from art to history and from technology to entertainment. Naming just one or two as favourites is nearly impossible. The museums on Museum Island are famous for a reason but many others shouldn’t be missed either.

If you want to read more about our favourite museum, we created a list of what we believe to be the best museums in Berlin. Many of these museums and the attractions named above can be easily reached with the Hop-on Hop-off buses that will take you around the city while you stay warm and dry inside.