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Copenhagen throughout the seasons

The city of Copenhagen is booming and we are ready to show you around in one of our favourite cities. Every season the Danish capital offers something different and they all have their own quirks. Choose your favourite and get ready for a city trip!


When the snow starts melting the whole city starts to bloom again. Spring is the time of year when Copenhagen is waking up and gets filled with newfound energy. It is the perfect time to join a boat tour and discover the waters surrounding the city. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face as you check out the most famous sights. Or step on a bike and breath in the fresh air as you paddle through the streets. Furthermore, spring is the perfect time to visit the Tivoli gardens. You’ll sidestep the busy tourist season, but you can still enjoy the lovely weather.


Summer is high season in Copenhagen. This is when the magic happens. You’ll get a vibrant city life, long nights sipping wine, incredible food wherever you look, a beach just a few minutes away. Copenhagen really is a fantastic summer destination. It is also the season of festivals and events. So if you are looking to dance the night away and have fun, you should definitely visit in de warmest months of the year. All the gardens and parks are also at their best during the summer season. Take a stroll or bring a picnic and relax under the summer sun.


The autumn in Copenhagen brings the first chills and storms, but also Halloween parties and the perfect time for visiting museums and indoor attractions. The trees start turning a beautiful red, yellow and orange and this makes autumn the perfect time for visiting a park, garden or castle. Luckily, Copenhagen is filled with them. Take Rosenburg Castle for instance with its lush surroundings, or Frederiksberg Gardens with amazing greenery. On a rainy day, it is a great idea to visit one of the internationally acknowledged art museums, like the National Museum of Denmark or the Thorvaldsen Museum.


Copenhagen might be at its most romantic during the winter. With a chance of snow and ice, long nights decorated with Christmas lights, skate rings ready for fun all over town and no crowds at all at the famous sights and attractions, winter is the season of joy in Copenhagen. Stroll around at one of the Christmas markets and enjoy a warm mug of Gløgg (mulled wine), take the perfect Insta-picture in the gorgeously decorated Nyhavn, fill up on great winter food at a food market or in one of the famous restaurant, you’ll warm right up.

Copenhagen is a fantastic destination no matter the season. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your city trip!