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Exploring the island of Södermalm

Just across the river from Gamla Stan lies Södermalm, an island in the south central part of Stockholm. It is one of the most densely populated parts of Stockholm, which means there is plenty to do here as well. Södermalm, also known as Söder, is one of Stockholm’s creative hubs.

Unlike Gamla Stan, the city’s old town, which dates back to the 13th century, Södermalm was only developed from agricultural land into housing from the 18th century. Today the neighbourhood is filled with artistic shops and cafés, and bohemian and vintage fashion stores and galleries. It is the perfect place to go shopping when you visit Stockholm but the island has plenty of not-to-miss spots when you want to go sightseeing as well.


The most famous museum on Södermalm, without question, is Fotografiska. Inside an old converted Art Nouveau warehouse sits the world’s largest photography museum, which doesn’t have its own collection. Since the museum opened its doors in 2010, it has  shown over 200 exhibitions from the world’s most famous photographers, including Anton Corbijn, David LaChapelle, Annie Leibovitz and Jimmy Nelson.

If you want to learn more about the city of Stockholm itself, than a visit to the Stockholm City Museum should also be on your itinerary. Here you’ll find artifacts, art and photo exhibitions documenting the city’s history and people. The Stockholm City Museum is only a five minute walk from the Slussbron bridge, which separates Gamla Stan from Södermalm.


Södermalm offers beautiful views over the rest of the city. One of the spots in the neighbourhood where you can see these amazing views is Fjällgatan. From here you have views over Gamla Stan, Skeppsholmen and Djurgården, the locals love it so much they call it Stockholm’s balcony.

View from SkinnarviksbergetAnother great spot to take photos of the city is along the 500-meter long walking path of Monteliusvägen. Here you’ll have a magnificent view of Lake Mälaren, Stockholm City Hall and Riddarholmen, especially at sunrise and sunset. With the view on one side and charming houses on the other a walk here is sure to leave you with a warm feeling of Stockholm.

Finally, the highest natural point in Stockholm is also sure to give you great views across the city. Skinnarviksberget is a favourite location amongst locals for picnics and parties under the open skies. From here you’ll have stunning views over Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan, Stockholm City Hall and many other points of interest.

Cafés and restaurants

Södermalm is known all over Sweden for its excellent cuisine and vibrant nightlight. For local Swedish dishes, we recommend either restaurant Pelikan or Bistro Süd. Pelikan is set in a 20th century beer hall and offers traditional Swedish cuisine made from fresh, locally sourced produce. Bistro Süd, meanwhile, has an excellent selection of seafood, though the pork shoulder and burger are incredible as well.

Vegetarians and vegans should try Stockholm’s oldest vegetarian restaurant Chutney. It’s menu reflects its exotic interior and is filled with dishes from Indian, Thai and Perians cuisine. If you are looking for a charming café and beergarden, then Lasse | Parken is where you’ll want to go. Especially in summer the ambiance is incredible here on the outdoor terrace.