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A guide to the best nightlife in Berlin

Berlin is a city full of amazing attractions, top restaurants and a nightlife that is as exhilarating as it is surprising. You know you're in the right place to party when clubbing is considered a culture and techno a religion.

But why is the nightlife in Berlin so intense and popular? The city's nightlife is closely linked to its past. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the youth organised many illegal parties in abandoned factories and commercial buildings to express and celebrate their newfound freedom in the wake of German reunification. Once the Wall fell, so did all previous patterns of behaviour - the people of Berlin could reinvent themselves and explore new identities in these clubs. As a result, the rapid rise of this underground culture paved the way for a unique clubbing scene that transformed Berlin into the undisputed techno capital it is today.

That said, no trip to Berlin is complete without experiencing the city's unbelievable nightlife. The abundance of clubbing options in Berlin can be overwhelming, but don't worry, we're here to help you choose the right place!

Berlin Icebar

Start your clubbing night off in Berlin’s – literally - coolest bar. The Icebar is the perfect place to enjoy a few chill cocktails, which are included in your ticket (three, to be exact), before deep diving into the city’s vivid nightlife.

Find a piece of the arctic right in the middle of Berlin between Alexanderplatz and Hackescher Markt! Join the crew of Hansa, which was an exploration ship from the 19th century as you go with them on an adventure to discover the North Pole.

Ice sculptures, glasses made of ice and at a constant temperature of -10 degrees Celsius, this Bar where everything is made of ice really offers a unique experience. Don’t worry though, you will be given proper thermal clothing to bear the cold.

Berghain & Panorama bar

Clubbing in Berlin is like nowhere else. Berghain & Panorama bar is arguable one the best clubs out there. It attracts party goers from all over the world and is one of the most famous clubs in Berlin. Just like the underground culture started, the club is inside an abandoned power plant and represents an authentic part of Berlin’s culture and history.

Also known as the church for techno, you can expect first-class techno beats and the best DJ lineups. A night spent on its darkly industrial dance floors is practically a rite of passage. Liberal, bold and eccentric. This is how the club and its visitors are best described.

Step into a whole new world inside this club, of course that is if you make it inside. Berghain is notoriously known to be hard to get into. Pro tip: Don’t take your phone out of your pocket while you’re in line as it increases your chances of not getting in.


What happens in KitKatClub stays in KitKatClub. Have you ever wondered what it might be like in a sex club? This club is very popular with tourists and locals alike. In contrast to the heavy, droning, gritty industrial energy of Berghain, KitKatClub has an almost whimsical and sexy energy.

This club is definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you are adventurous and want to experience a whole new world of clubbing, you should definitely visit this famous club.

Usually the dress code is fetish wear or the most glamorous thing you can find in your wardrobe - or suitcase. With three large dance floors, you're sure to experience some curious scenes. Walk around the venue and discover a lounge area, a massage room and a swimming pool. Enjoy the music and get to know yourself (and others) in a whole new way.


This modern club is a must if you love music. It is known as one of the most famous clubs in Berlin and is frequented by the best DJ talents in the world.

The club is best known for its dance floor, the Waterfloor, and the responsive LED lighting panels that span the entire top floor. The ground-to-ceiling windows offer incredible views of the Spree River. Along with an illuminated bridge, Watergate provides an incredible party experience. You will feel like you are dancing on water. 

The sound system here is top notch and the Watergate crew even started their own record label, Watergate Records, with famous DJs like MANDY, Get Physical and Mobilees. If music is your thing, you will definitely feel like you belong here.


The Tresor is an icon among techno clubs in Berlin. Originally housed in the vaults of a department store in East Berlin, the Tresor is a legendary venue and the starting point for the city's underground culture. It was the Berlin's first techno club and brought electronic music to reunified Germany in the early 90s.

The interior of the club is reminiscent of a setting from a horror film: the club is located in another abandoned building (of course), which impresses with its sheer size and run-down character. With several dance floors, dark red-lit corners and a huge outdoor area, it exudes an eerie atmosphere. As you enter the vault, you are surrounded by long concrete corridors echoing with the clubs thudding bass. The 30 metre long tunnel is particularly noteworthy here, where you can walk through and still hear the music loud and clear. Dance the night away in this incredible techno club!


Sisyphus is a one of a kind club and an adventure in itself. A festival, a club, a beach, a bar and food stalls. Combining everything in one, it's no wonder people often compare it to Alice in Wonderland. Just like Alice, as soon as you pass through the gates, you fall down the rabbit hole. Find all kinds of ways to amuse yourself and have fun here. It's basically a giant playground for adults, with a huge chill-out area, an abandoned bus, a lake, a maze of dance floors and a pizzeria. Drunk munchies, here we come!

Lose yourself in this incredible club that was once a dog food factory. For anyone looking for an unusual party experience and to discover an original, hidden part of the city, this is the perfect place to go.

Salon zur wilden Renate

This crazy club may not the most famous one in Berlin but it promises a lot of unique fun. Obscured among a block of apartments it portrays the hippiest of Berlin facets. If you have ever asked yourself what it would be like to party with a circus this might just give you the answer.

This club is full of crazy and wild parties that exude a psychedelic atmosphere. It has three different floors - a Black Room with techno music, a Green Room with house music and a Red Room with disco music. You are spoilt for choice to find what you like best!

It also has an outdoor courtyard area with a dedicated bar, perfect for taking a breather before you jump back into the fray. Come summer, you can also attend the open-air parties, that guarantee more debucherous fun.

Anomalie Art Club

This club is perfect for art lovers as it combines interesting art exhibitions and film screenings along with the best techno DJ sets in town. Freedom to express oneself and individuality are very important concepts that characterise the club and its visitors.

The unique architecture and high ceilings contribute to the immersive experience and make the club an open, creative and exciting visionary place in the middle of Berlin.


Short for Young African Art Market, this whimsical venue is a beach club that can be found on the Spree River.  With reggae, hip hop and Afro-Caribbean music and eclectic decoration, it portrays an oasis in the middle of a bleak, post-industrial part of Berlin.

Find street art on the walls, a concert hall, sandy beach with deck chair, a basketball court and food stands with delicious African and Caribbean food.