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5 fun things to do in Berlin in Winter

It’s the season of snow, cold, Christmas and long nights again and despite Berlin’s reputation to be extra cold and grey during this time of the year, the metropolis has a lot to offer on these days as well.

Because even though Berlin is usually promoted as a summer destination, it won't disappoint you in the winter either. Let us tell you all about the German capital in winter and give you the best tips to make the most out of your city trip when visiting Berlin!

Christmas Market at Gendarmenmarkt

Christmas markets

Germany is renown around the world for its fantastic and cosy Christmas markets. You’ll immediately be transported to holiday heaven when you’re surrounded by the festively decorated stalls filled with presents and decorations during winter in Berlin. To top it off enjoy a nice warm mug of Glühwein with a famous German Currywurst on the side after you’re done.

One of the best Christmas markets in Berlin is the one on the Gendarmenmarkt. Located between the Französischer Dom and the Deutscher Dom, this market offers everything from culinary delights to handmade goods and entertainment. Here you’ll surely find the perfect Christmas gifts for your family or just for yourself. Read here all about on where to find the perfect Christmas market that suits your taste in Berlin!

Time to explore Berlin’s best museums

When it’s raining or you just got very cold, the best thing you can do is go to one of the fantastic museums in the city and warm yourself up. On Museum Island you’ll find five museums clustered on one island. Here you can practically spend an entire weekend. Choose between the Bode Museum, the Neues Museum, the Alte Nationalgalerie and the Altes Museum.

Alternatively check out the Museum of Natural History that is home to over 30 million objects covering biological and geological evolution as well as biodiversity, including skeletons of several dinosaurs. Are you looking for a truly unique museum? Check out the Schwules Museum, an internationally renowned museum that covers the contemporary culture and history of queer and trans people in Germany. Berlin has a museum for everybody!

Ice skating

Go ice skating

Take the chance and try one of the most popular winter activities during your visit in winter in Berlin. Go ice skating with the famous Berlin monuments in the background. Try the ice rink on Alexanderplatz, for instance, or the rink at Potsdamer Platz for some sporty fun. Practice your twirls and slides surrounded by twinkling lights and cheer. Most rinks either allow you to bring your own ice skates or you can rent them here for a small fee.

Visit the enchanting Peacock Island

Peacock Island, with its white castle and free-roaming animals that give it its name, looks fairy tale-like all year round but is especially beautiful on a snowy winter day. A true winter wonderland! Charming footpaths, the oldest rose garden in Berlin and a beautiful castle make it well worth a visit. The island was originally used for rabbit breeding under King Frederick William II, until it was later turned into the summer residence of the royal family.

Under a blanket of white snow, the island and the bright white castle, that is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, is at its most idyllic and romantic. Cars and bicycles are not allowed on Peacock Island, so nothing disturbs the peace. But even without a thick layer of snow, the island is definitely worth a visit outside of peak tourist times.

Discover Berlin’s parks

Winter is the perfect time for a stroll through Berlin’s parks. Go to Tiergarten park and discover its romantic atmosphere when sparkling snow and peace replace the hustle and bustle and crowds of summer. Afterwards, sit down at a nice café to warm up with a hot chocolate or a hot mug of mulled wine.

If you don’t want to get cold during your walk at all, then it is a wonderful idea to visit the Botanic Garden. This tropical greenhouse is nice and warm and gives you the chance to see exotic plants and trees while taking a break from the grey and cold outside.