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8 things to do in Stockholm in spring

Spring arrives in Sweden around March 20 during the equinox, bringing warmer weather and blooming flowers. In Stockholm, the city wakes up with outdoor activities like kayaking and biking. As April and May approach, people ditch their heavy coats for lighter jackets, filling up outdoor cafes. It's the perfect time to explore the city's parks and forests as they come back to life. So, seize the moment and make the most of your time in Stockholm with our curated spring itinerary!

Celebrate Valborg

On April 30, the Swedes celebrate the arrival of the season with Valborg. This festival, also known as the "Warming Bonfire", officially welcomes spring and is celebrated with parties in parks and the lighting of large bonfires after a long and dark winter. If you are visiting Stockholm, you should visit the Skansen open-air museum, where a large bonfire is traditionally lit and various other activities take place throughout the day.

Rent a canoe or kayakStockholm Archipelago

As a city consisting of islands it is no wonder that there are plenty of opportunities to rent a kayak or canoe during your visit to Stockholm. Look for a city central location, like Rålis Kayak, to see City Hall, Djurgården and the city's medieval centre, Gamla Stan, from the water.

Or escape the city and discover the beauty of the Stockholm Archipelago with one of True Nature Sweden's tours. See how nature awakens during the spring season, you might even get lucky and spot a seal.

Cherry Blossoms in Kungsträdgården

The King's Garden sits across the water from the Royal Palace and is the most central park in the city. The park is open throughout the year and hosts over 200 events every year, from music and food festivals to an ice skating rink.

In August 1998, 63 Sakura trees were planted in the park and now each spring, usually in April, everyone in the city can enjoy the white and pink blossoms beauty and scent. If you can't find the blossoms on your own, ask a local to point you in the direction of the körsbärsträd, cherry tree in Swedish.

Visit Sweden's oldest amusement parkGröna Lund amusement park

On the southwest corner of Djurgården lies Gröna Lund, where the impossible becomes possible, the old become young again and the world gets turned upside down. The country's oldest amusement park has 30 rides and numerous food and snack stands, including six restaurants. Gröna Lund also offers a wide range of entertainment including concerts, dance evenings and children’s entertainment.

Introducing the exhilarating Monster, which has become the ultimate roller coaster. With its thrilling twists and turns, riders will find themselves dangling below the track, experiencing the thrill of being upside down at least four times as they soar above Gröna Lund.

Enjoy the parks and gardens on Djurgården

There is so much more to see and do on this leafy island beyond the amusement park, the Vasa Museum, the ABBA Museum and Skansen that you could spend a full week on Djurgården and never be bored.

There is the 19th century Rosendal Palace, a royal pleasure retreat, with its gardens and café which uses ingredients from the garden. And of course there is the park itself, which is a great place for a hike.

Discover Stockholm from the water

If you prefer a more relaxed way to observe Stockholm's waterfront, you can take a cruise along the canals and royal bridges. In an hours time you will get a great feel for the city and its fourteen islands from the water.

Board the boat at either the Royal Palace or Nybroplan. Buy a traditional Swedish 'fika' (coffee with a pastry) at the on board café, while you pass by Djurgården, Östermalm, Nacka Strand and Södermalm. And finally disembark at the Royal Palace, to discover more of this city on foot.

Sculpture park on Lidingö

Located on Herserud Cliff, the Millesgården sculpture park sits on Lidingö Island. It was originally planned by artists Carl and Olga Milles as a place for their home and art studios. Over time, their ideas expanded along with Carl's success.

Today, Millesgården displays sculptures in an Italian style garden with terraces, fountains, stairways, columns and a breath-taking view over the Värten inlet towards Stockholm, making it the perfect place to visit in spring. The sculptures include some of Carl Milles most famous works along with original castings and tools in a large art studio.

The world's largest water lilyBig water lily

North of the city centre, on the shore of lake Brunnsviken you will find Stockholm's Bergius Botanic Garden. With thousands of trees, shrubs and herbs from all around the world, it is a paradise for plant-lovers.

The Botanic Garden has two glasshouses, the Edvard Anderson Conservatory and the Victoria House, which is home to the world's largest water lily with its leaves spreading to a diameter of 2.6 metres. You will find a café, shop and restaurant on the grounds and all the outdoor parts of the garden are free to visit.

Rent a bike

If you prefer to travel around the city in the open air, one of the easiest way will be to rent a bike. The city is covered in bike paths and bike lanes, making it both an easy and safe way to travel around Stockholm.

You can either rent a bike to go exploring on your own or you can join a guided bike tour, such as the Wooden Bike Tour where they will take you on a two hour tour of the city on a unique transportation device, a handcrafted wooden bike.